Top of the Line

Meteor Applications has built a development and management team with experience, creativity and the technical know how to handle any project.

The standards for everyone on our team are very simple.    A high level of communication, integrity and accountability.    It's our job to clearly define the goals of each project and to communicate as we navigate through it.   At Meteor Applications, we're all hard workers and we love what we do.   We believe that enthusiasm shows in our work.     

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Business team


With over 15 years of business experience in managing, consulting, sales, and negotiating, we bring you the very best business talent. From the initial consultation to the final product delivery our dedicated team will deliver a professional, thorough, and courteous business experience.

Marketing team


From catchy slogans to sizzling logos to spot-on ad placement, our marketing department delivers your completed products to an eager market. Once your professional, high-quality mobile application is completed, you may want to reach your target market in creative, effective new ways. Look no further.

Development team


Meteor Applications defines the cutting edge of application software development. Our team of developers produce top notch code you can count on for a strong user experience.

Our Skills and Experience

Veterans of a New Industry

Veterans of a New Industry

Skills and Experience - We Have Them

  • • Our principals come from success in all areas of the industry
  • • Over 20 years of experience running successful technology companies
  • • Experience in the mobile, software, and gaming industries
  • • Success in the application market
  • • Consistently happy clients
  • • We have a passion for new technologies and products
  • • You found us and we can help your customers find you
  • • Our realm of expertise is only growing
  • • Creativity, Expertise, Technology
  • • The technology is here - we can create what you need
  • • This is what we do - we're good at it
  • • Passion for new technologies, and products to show for it